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Long Distance Moving Made Easy

If your new home is over 100 miles away, Righteous Movers Sugarland, can help you. A local move can be daunting for many homeowners, and long distance moving can feel outright overwhelming. We are here to help you manage your long distance move, with as little or as much assistance as you require.

The price of transit on your long distance relocation will depend on:

The total distance between pick up and destination

The amount/type and weight of items you need moved

Calculating the exact cost for your long distance move will be done as the relocation happens, as each mover’s requirements differ. Your move is a unique experience for you, and relocating your items is a unique experience for us. We offer a unique, but extremely competitive price, based on your situation and needs.

Extra Charges to be Aware of

As with any relocation, there will be extra charges you need to consider. At Righteous Movers Sugarland, we do not believe in hiding any charges from you, to spring on you when you least suspect it, or need it.

But with long distance moves in particular, it is easy to incur extra costs along the way. These could include:

Packing Materials – A long distance move definitely calls for the appropriate packing materials. Many local movers will often use whatever packaging they can get their hands on, but as your items have a lot of traveling to do, it’s important to make sure they are packed up using nothing but professional moving materials. Visit our packaging supplies page to find a great selection of professional packing tools to get your items ready for your long distance relocation.

Packing Service – Long Distance moves usually require a lot more organization than a local move logistically. With such a huge leap in front of you, you will probably be very busy already, making final arrangements and preparations, especially if your long distance move is related or tied to your employment. Many long distance movers require the assistance of a packing service to help them on their way.

Storage – We can provide you storage if you require it, however, this will also incur extra costs.

If you believe you will require any extras, or any kind of custom service whatsoever during your long distance relocation, then speak to a member Excalibur Van Lines, and we will gladly accommodate any and all of your needs and queries.

Fair and Competitive Pricing

Your long distance move can be managed in a variety of ways, each providing different prices. To find out which method is more suitable and affordable for your needs, here’s a quick guide to long distance moving and pricing:

Quick Quote – Speak to one of representatives for a ‘quick quote’. This will be based on the number of miles to be traveled, as well as a description of the items you need moving. Before picking up the phone though, have a quick read about how your items can be transported to know what kind of ‘quick quote’ you need.

Weigh In – One of our vehicles will be weighed at a certified weight station before arriving at your home. Once your items have been packed onto the vehicle, our van will return to the depot, and will be reweighed. The difference between the two weights will be calculated, and then an accurate figure will be worked out based on the weight and the number of miles to be traveled. You would be more than welcome to attend the weigh-ins, to make sure you are being charged accurately.

Consolidated – Your items join a shipment of items from other clients of ours, and they are delivered while en route to other destinations. We have operators who work exclusively for us, allowing us to offer a fantastic service, at very competitive prices, making your long distance move more affordable and stress free! Your items will reach you in the same manner and condition as if we had handled your items personally.

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